Autotronics and Coding Course

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    This has been designed as the most basic kit to get started with Eeproms and MCU's, this is a upgrade to one of our first Kits. Our first Kit  kick started many of our trainees businesses. All you have to do is add a hot air station and a computer and you are ready to go!
    Xprog Box
    Transponder chips
    Collection of Immo off virgin Files
    • Learn all about automotive control units all from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.
    • Module 1 will create a foundation for the absolute beginner to build upon. We have taken a unique approach based upon successfully training many newbies.

    • This  includes exercises to assist you getting started with eeproms and hex files after this class you will be able to manually code 4c Toyotas! includes Toyota virgin files 
    • Includes training on software to remove immobilizers also known as making open boxes also known as Immo off, Immo Defeat
    • Includes instructions to manually Immo off some popular vehicles like Toyota D4d
    • Learn How to manually code and check Ford Bantam Boxes
    • Finding Pin no from Immo Dumps
    • Finding Radio unlock codes 
    • Learn How to remove crash Data from Airbags
    • Learn about Digital Clusters, Calibration methods how to check vehicles been tampered with.
    • Learn all About Repairing common car Key problems Huge Earning Potential
    • Digital Research How to find solutions, Free Immo Books Software and more
    • This is a early release, We will be making only 6 available at this unbelievable price includes free remote support.

    We have trained students across The Globe! During Lockdown most of our students businesses are operational as they are essential service providers.

    This course will open up your Eyes to a word of new possibilities!

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    Course ware will be digitally delivered 

    Equipment will  be sent from our International Suppliers. Via DHL

    Consists of 3 Modules

    Benchmark Test

    Benchmark test will assess your understanding

    Chapter 1  Introduction to Computers and Automotive Computing

    • How computers work
    • Number Systems Binary Hex
    • Ciphers,Ciphers,encryption,xor and more
    • Using a hex editor

    Chapter 2 Research 

    • Effective research methods, enhanced search techniques, 

    Chapter 3 Eeproms and Micro controllers

    • Getting started with eeproms, common mistakes and how to avoid them.

    Chapter 4 All about Transponder Keys

    • How Transponder Keys work,
    • How To clone Transponder Keys,
    • How Remote Keys work,
    • How to repair common problems. etc

    Chapter 5 Communication

    • What are protocols 

    Chapter 6 BMW Immobilizer system

    • Programming BMW Keys

    ECU's realigning Immo.

    Chapter 7 Mercedes Immobilizer System

    Chapter 8 Vag Immo Systems

    Chapter 9 Toyota Immo systems.

    Chapter 10 Tools

    Clone Tools

    • Original Tools
    • Tool Buying Strategies


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